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Sony VX2100 E

Video Camera

Camcorder Media Type Mini DV
Optical Sensor Type 3CCD
Optical Sensor Size 1/3"
System TTL contrast detection
Interfaces Provided HD-SDI, S-Video, SD-SDI
Horizontal Resolution 530 dpi
Image Stabilizer optical
Slow Shutter 1/15sec, 1/30sec, 1/4sec, 1/8sec

Sony's Handycam DCR-VX2100 is both successor to the DCR-VX2000 and grandchild of the groundbreaking DCR-VX1000, the first prosumer DV camera widely adopted by professionals. As the name indicates, the DCR-VX2100 is just a slightly improved DCR-VX2000, with slightly better low-light performance, slightly cleaner audio, and slightly more convenient controls.

In other words, if you're looking for a three-chip camera, this one is a strong candidate, but if you already own the DCR-VX2000, it probably isn't worth the expense of upgrading.

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