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Mics & Accesories

Stereo or MixMode™ control for custom monitor mixes
32 user-selectable frequencies per system
Up to 16 compatible frequencies for 16 different mixes
MPX Stereo audio transmission
Switchable high-frequency boost on P7R.
+4 dBu and –10 dBV input level select switch on P7T
Volume and Balance dials on the P7R Receiver

The PSM 700 P7TR Wireless Personal Monitor System from the PSM 700 series offers advanced controls and features that make it easy to quickly locate and lock in the clearest frequency, prevent distortion and minimize the number of antennas required to send mixes. The PSM 700 P7TR System consists of the P7T Wireless Transmitter and the P7R Wireless Bodypack Receiver. (Earphones sold separately)

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