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Numark VM03 MK II


4:3 screen ratio
113.28(W) x 84.708(H) mm Active Area
320x3 (RGB)x 234 pixel Resolution
0.118 (H) mm x 0.362 mm (V) mm dot pitch

The Numark VM03–MKII is a 3–screen/6–input LCD video display monitor designed for any video monitoring application. The advanced design of the VM03–MKII allows the user to monitor video sources in either a rack–mount (3 rack spaces required) or tabletop setting.

What separates the VM03–MKII from other video monitors on the market is the adjustable viewing angle. This unique design allows the video producer or engineer to customize the VM03–MKII viewing angle up to 96 degrees. This flexibility is ideal for DJ and broadcast applications, where limited space may prohibit easy viewing.

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