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Fog Machines


MARTIN Magnum 1800

580 cu. m/min fog output
1150W heat exchanger
9 min heat-up time
optional flying kit
3.8 litre fluid capacity
different fluid options for different applications
onboard DMX
500 x 232 x 266mm

Martin Magnum 1800 fog machine - a high-powered fog machine suitable for any installation from the smallest to the largest. Highly flexible, sleek and rugged construction, continuous output, 580 cu. m/min fog output, 1150W heat exchanger, 9 min heat-up time, optional flying kit, 3.8 litre fluid capacity, different fluid options for different applications, onboard DMX, internal remote control storage, timer and output level remote control. Dimensions: 500 x 232 x 266mm. Weight: 15 kg


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