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Video Mixer

DSK Chroma key, Luminance key, Linear Key
Effects Transition: MIX, WIPE ,DME WIPE, CUT
HD mode: HD-SDI x 4: BNC
HDMI x3 *MCS-8M does not support HDCP
DVI-I x 1: SXGA, WXGA, XGA, HDTV60(1080/60p), HDTV50(1080/50p) *MCS-8 does not support HDCP
SD mode: SD-SDI x 4: BNC

The MCS-8M is multi-format compact switcher with a built-in audio mixer and frame synchronizer. This user-friendly switcher has built-in DME wipe patterns, a built-in multi-viewer, one-channel frame memory, an Input Freeze function for each source, the ability to import still images via a USB port, a 3D Mode function, a six-channel audio mixer, AUX MIX and more.

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