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Arri HMI Flicker Free

Lamphead Type: PAR, 1800 W
Reflector Type: Facetted dichroic parabolic glass
Lamp Type: Metal Halide 1800 W/SE
Power Consumption: 1800 W/ 1200 W
Voltage Range: 100 V / 140 V
Dimmability: Yes, 50 - 100% via ARRI Ballast Unit

Following the great success of the AS18 lamphead in the film industry, ARRI has developed a version that meets the requirements of event and trade show lighting: the ARRISUN 18 Event. This latest member of the ARRI Event family combines the AS18’s TRUE BLUE technology with specific Event System features. The ARRISUN 18 Event is rugged and robust, with ARRI build quality and IP23 weather resistance for outdoor use.

The ARRISUN 18 Event shares the same lenses and accessories as its forerunner, the ARRISUN 12 Event. It is virtually the same size, but light output is increased by about 70% due to the new 1800 W lamp and the EB 1200/1800 EVENT THREE ballast, equipped with CCL – Compensation of Cable Losses. Like the ARRISUN 5 Event, the ARRISUN 18 Event is equipped with ignition time control.

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