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Milos Roof System MR5

12x10x9m & 10x8x7m

MR5 Mega-Pitched Roof structure for temporary events
M950 folding series used to minimise volume for storage & transporation
MT2 / MT3 self-climbing towers upto 12,5 m high (41.01 ft) with M950 main grid
Easy back stage area integration
Full structural calculation report & build manual available

Whoever said that size doesn’t matter hasn’t seen the MR5 in action. The MR5 is the largest roof in the Milos MR range and creates a huge concert stage area that can accommodate the biggest and most demanding events. Manufactured to strict specifications by certified welders, the MR5 is delivered with both static calculations and an assembly manual. Call or e-mail us today for more information or to request a quote.

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