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Cabinets & Amps


Martin Audio MA6.8Q

Uncompromised sound quality
Integrated CAT-5 based monitoring
Patented Class TD Topology
Regulated Switch Mode PSU
Voltage and Current Limiters
Over-Temperature and Fuse Protection
Four Discrete Channels

Housed in a convenient 2U package, the MA6.8Q 4-channel amplifier allows for the adjustment of maximum voltage peak, gain adjustment and has on-board network capability for monitoring and control. With these features it is now possible to specify identical amplifiers in an installation and then adjust each output to the very specific requirements of the speaker system.

A typical large-scale system is a combination of high-powered speakers, full range in-fill speakers, 70/100V ceiling speakers, with an active speaker management system. With switchable outputs and on-board network capabilities, the MA6.8Q can be designed into a complete value engineered system handling all amplification tasks.

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