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Chamsys MagicQ Expert100

64 Universes
10 Full Playbacks (202 virtual)
In-built Ethernet Switch
In-built UPS
Solid State Drive
Complete Console Solution
MIDI, SMPTE, Audio ports
Designed and manufactured in the UK

The MQ100 Expert is the original ChamSys console featuring the familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built Pixelmapping for LED.  MagicQ Expert utilises the same software and show formats as the MagicQ Pro consoles enabling compatibility between all products in the entire MagicQ range.

Measuring just 625mm by 580mm it fits comfortably into even the smallest of FOH control positions. With its large in-built colour touch-screen there is no need for external monitors - the control is at your fingertips. Each of the ten theatre style playback controls is electronically labelled to show the current and next steps in the Cue Stack. Eight rotary encoders make controlling individual parameters simple.  The MQ100 Expert supports effortless playback of pre-programmed shows whilst allowing instantaneous over-ride via the powerful MagicQ programmer for "busking" those unexpected moments.

MagicQ MQ100 Expert supports six universes (up to 4 direct from the console, up to 12 via Ethernet). With access to up to 202 playbacks through virtual playback controls the MQ100 Expert can handle even the most complex of shows.

Should more playbacks faders be required for a particular show, just connect one or more MagicQ Playback Wings, Execute Wings or Extra Wings. MagicQ supports ArtNet, Pathport and ACN Streaming DMX protocols. MagicQ MQ100 Expert provides an immensely powerful control console in a compact size. Ideal for easy transport, and fitting into small spaces, MQ100 Expert is the console of choice for controlling lighting, video and LED.

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