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Mackie SRM450

Cabinets & Amps

Mackie SRM 450 V3, Active Speaker 2 Way, 12" 1,4" 90°x45°, 500 W Rms/1000 W Peak, Frequency 42 Hz thomann - 23 kHz, SPL max. 128db, Feedoback Destroyer, 4 Speaker Modes for different Voicings: PA, DJ, Monitor, Solo, 2x XLR/Jack and 1x RCA

The SRM340v3 has a "built-like-a-tank" chassis that is cut in such a way that it is also an excellent wedge floor monitor. Not only that, there is a voicing select switch that when engaged for monitor use, adds greater upper end clarity for vocal intelligibility and an enhanced feedback rejection. When using the SRM450v3 in a DJ context, the Speaker Mode switch adds just the perfect low end bump. It likewise has a setting optimized for solo entertainers.

A flexible two-channel mixer is installed in the back panel as well, allowing you to use one SRM450v3 as an entire PA system. The built-in mixer features two XLR/TRS combination jacks, stereo RCA inputs and discrete gain controls for each channel. Lightweight, versatile, loud and clear.

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