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Edirol V8 Video Mixer

Video Mixer with Effects

Video System: NTSC or PAL Sampling:13.5MHz, 4:2:2 (Y:B-Y:R-Y), 8-bit Audio n/a Input and Output Connectors

Video In: Composite x8, on BNCs Y/C S-Video x4, on 4-Pins VGA/Component x2, on HD-15s

Video Out: Composite x2 on BNCs Y/C x1, on a 4-Pin

The Roland V-8 is a powerful, easy to use eight-channel video mixer capable of switching between eight cameras or video tape decks during a live performance with smooth transitions and special effects. The V-8 is an affordable solution for the video needs of houses of worship, schools, and nightclubs.

Video sources are processed completely in the digital domain for professional video quality (13.5MHz, 8-bit, 4:2:2). The V-8 is ideal for use on large screens, and because the internal processing is digital there is no quality loss to the output signal. Two Channel TBC / Frame Synchronizer Input sources go through independent two-channel TBC (Time Base Correction) circuits and two-channel frame synchronizers to ensure smooth transitions and stable images.

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