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Barco 3 Chip DLP

Large Venue Projector

3-chip DLP color quality
8,000 lumens, WUXGA, 3-chip DLP projector
Blending and built-in warping
BarcoLink for fast signal distribution
Lamps: 2x330W
Lamp lifetime: 1,500 hours (typical)
3DPassive circular polarized
2 x HDMI (HDCP 1,3); 5-BNC

With an enhanced contrast, quick and creative stacking options as well as built-in warping capabilities for curved surfaces, Barco's RLM-W8 is a versatile choice for mid- to large-sized venues. In addition, it features blending technology to create seamless composite images across a canvas of any size. The RLM-W8 continues the RLM line's tradition of silence as well as low energy consumption.

BarcoLink technology guarantees swift signal distribution between Barco’s projectors and image processors. With BarcoLink, signals are distributed over a BNC coax cable, which is not only more durable but also enables you to lower your costs.

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