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Alpha Spot HPE 700

700W discharge lamp
extreme efficiency (35,000 lux at 5 m)
head length = 415 mm
lightweight (22 kg)
Extraordinarily wide, fast and linear
14,7°- 35° electronic linear zoom
CMY colour system + colour wheel + CTO
Graphic system: 15 gobos + 1 rotating prism

This luminaire is the smallest 700 W spotlight available, weighting 22 kilos only. The 700 W lamp provides a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with higher wattages. The Alpha Spot HPE 700 houses an array of optical and graphic devices that have nothing to envy from larger and more expensive fixtures, including a 15°-35° zoom with electronic focus and an hybrid electronic/mechanical dimmer.

Alpha 700 HPE features a staggering speed with instant acceleration. Silent, eco-friendly, easy to handle and install, this fixture, that takes no space on truck and on the rig, will soon be your favourite.

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